Hypocrisy and Communism

Raman and Aamir stopped by a roadside thela (a type of open kiosk) to eat omelette after a heated argument on hypocrisy and Communism and how being a communist was as good as a hypocrite.

While they were savouring, a car stopped by and a man in mid-thirties with his son (‘round 8 years) came to eat up the last omelette. After eating the omelette, man was explaining to his son addition of numbers, who was too dim to get it.

“See Neelu…one omelette is for 23 rupees. We had two omelettes…..so we should pay 23+23=46 rupees.”

The Son gave an unsure nod. Raman and Aamir were watching the didactics carefully.

Father handed a 100 rupee note to Ramu, a school drop-out who aids his old master in running kiosk. Ramu quickly removed 54 rupees from his old, ragged money-bag and returned it to his customer.

It didn’t surprise the father. Obvious.

Aamir called Ramu and asked him pointing towards the sky, “Upar kya dikhta hain” (What do you see above)??

He replied without any hesitation, “Bhaiya, Badal dikh rahe hain. Teen rang ke- saafed , neele aur kale. Neele aapki tarah jinhe suraj pareshan karta hain. Kaale meri tarah jo hamesha rote hain. Aur saafed…jinke bare me jaante sab hain lekin bolta koi nahi. Ghar jaldi jana bhaiya, yeh kale badal barasne lag gaye na fir aafat aa jayegi. Saare aasman me cha jayenge aur fir neele aur safeed badal dikhenge hi nahi”

(Brother, I can see clouds. Clouds of three colours- white, blue and black. Blue ones are just like you, always troubled by the sun. Black ones; just like me which keep crying and white ones…everyone knows who they are but no one speaks about them. Go home early, brother. If these black clouds start pouring in, it’ll create troubles. They will cover the whole sky and then blue and white clouds will disappear).

That day won't be far away then....when you'll see all similar faces, all alike and just one colour : Red

His answer dumbfounded Aamir plus Raman.

Both had their own stringent and inflexible views on Communism as well as hypocrisy. They thought from two pair similar of eyes, yet very much differently.

After Ramu’s answer, they felt their opinions were nothing but very much alike.

“You think he knew everything??” asked Raman.

Aamir kept looking at a cycler pedalling a housewife with her mundane luggage.

“I’m going to Kolkatta Raman. Arnabjit bhai needs me more there.”

Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s words hemmed in Aamir’s heart.

Chashm-e-num, jaan-e-shooreeda kafi nahi
Tohmat-e-ishq poosheeda kafi nahi
Aaj bazaar main paa-bajolaan chaloo

Rakht-e-dil bandh lo, dil-figaroon chaloo
Phir hum he qatal ho aain, yaroon chaloo

(A wet eye, a shaken life is not enough,
The accusation of a hidden love is not enough,
With feet in chains, Let us go in public today.
Pack up your belongings O Injured heart ones!
Let us go friends and get killed once again.)


  1. Kam · April 15, 2012

    A purposeful post, dost! As always, like many others, i too will like it after having touched by and learnt from it.

  2. vikas pathak · April 15, 2012

    hum mehnatkash jagwalo se jab apna hissa mangenge
    ek khet nahi,ek desh nahi,hum sari duniya mangenge

    jo khoon baha,jo bagh ujde,jo geet dilon mein qatl hue
    har qatre ka,har gunche ka,har geet ka badla mangenge

    ye seth-vyapari-rajwade das lakh toh hum das kadod
    ye kitne din amreeka se jeene ka sahara mangenge

    jab saf seedhi ho jayegi,jab sab jhagde mit jayenge
    hum har ek desh ke jhande par ek laal sitara mangenge

    • alphaqsecc · April 15, 2012

      You summed up my whole blog-post bhai 🙂
      Last two lines are close to my heart,very close. Multiple interpretations.

  3. Blood-Ink-Diary · April 18, 2012

    What a superb post…I thoroughly relished each fragment of thought.
    I am leaving a short passage from a poem ‘Preface’ by socialist poet Ahmad Faraz:

    Who could have known
    that the blood of these words
    would drop by drop
    become lines that shine?
    And now these lines of blood
    have in themselves become
    a story and a fable.

    Surkh salaam, indeed.
    p.s. thanks for dropping by my blog, through which I have now found yours. Cheers.

    • alphaqsecc · April 18, 2012

      H’mm…Thanks for sharing Ahmad Faraz (I read it on your blog btw) 🙂
      Ruminating lines.
      Surkh Salaam !!

  4. umashankar · April 26, 2012

    I am mesmerized to read a post written entirely in symbolism.The man alighting from a car with a dim son, the prophetic omelette vendor, and the clouds…. You drove the last nail with those lines from Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

    You are a unique writer indeed.

    • alphaqsecc · April 26, 2012

      Thanks a lot, sir 🙂
      Your appreciation means a lot to me,indeed.
      Keep visiting 🙂 😀

  5. Namita Lad · April 29, 2012

    amazing one …. you have so much depth in every post..i wonder how i didn’t like it before?

    • alphaqsecc · April 29, 2012

      Thanks a lot Namita 🙂
      I’m honoured 😀

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