Even ‘she’ is someone’s daughter !!


“This time I need an unflowered one…yes, yes any amount”,his satyriasis spoke gagging the person at other end.

After few hours when he was ’bout to turn the nob of Room no. A-435, Hotel Ashoka ; he saw his own daughter nervously waiting inside, through the flying curtains.

Stunned. Bedazed. He deleted the contact named ‘dealer‘ from his cell permanently. Shattered.



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  1. sometimes you see a two hour long movie and that leaves you amazed, sometimes a novel invokes your thoughts .. but these few lines can make you brain shut down for a moment thinking about the naked cruelty of human evils

  2. And, now, I understand why this blog is titled ‘Unspoken heart’…

    I have printed 3 posts from your blog already.
    This is going to be the fourth one. hey! don’t talk about copyright now! :)

      • Hey, that was quite a shock to me and I am sure, that was what you had intended. Anyway, the monster has been paid back handsomely for his deeds. There was no way he could have retrieved his daughter from the mire he himself had worked up.

        Good work, Abhijeet.

  3. The title: led me to believe that there is gonna be some story about the ‘seeing’ part of an arranged marriage or something.. but this was an absolute shocker. Well done! I don’t think there would have been any confrontations. If they had, it would get VERY ugly. …
    Moreover, the mere thought is disgusting. Yet, we all know how this persists in a hypocratic society that pushes evils below the table and covers it all up, to show to a ‘modern fast’ world that it is so pristine and sacred.
    Yet, it is not as ‘unflowered’ as it shows itself to be.
    This I would term is perfect powerful brevity.

    • Well…the title indeed, is apt for many many stories.
      Unflowered is the adjective directed at monster’s daughter i.e damsel.
      Thanks a lot Punam for appreciation :)
      Ideate as I’ve left the start as well as end, open!!

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  5. Only a good writer can say big things in fewer words……u did it …….the best thing i have ever read………..!! :D

  6. my first impression looking at this post was…only these many lines? i searched for any link which might take me to real content..but after reading it i was stunned..so much said in very little words.
    Good one

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