All good things…..should end,no they MUST end!!

My dear blogger friends,
I was thinking about this since last couple of days and I have made up my mind.

I’ve been blogging for like four months and already blessed with ‘round 100 friends. All good things should end and if they don’t end…they turn bad and ugly. Same goes with my populace writing.

Within few hours I’ll reach ‘City of dreams’ after completing my graduation. And I’m feeling all nostalgic and I’m unable to embed this feeling into my mind, my heart.

I’ve decided to write for myself and I won’t publish it on my blog. I’ll click photographs but only for my atonement. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get email notifications from all your blogs.
I’m still unsure about how long will I stay away from reality but the fact is I need time for introspection, self-contemplation.

I have decided this as I’ll be writing something different from what I usually scribble. I’ll write about what I’m going through, unpointed thoughts and superfluous expressions.

Sherlock Holmes rightly pointed out, “Love is a dangerous disadvantage”. Be it love for writing, love for someone, and love for arts as a whole.

And plus I still have to figure out whereabouts about my career then I’m emotionally unstable too which will reflect on my thoughts and hence writing.  Changing lifestyle…lost friends, end of irresponsibleness. So it’s better to take a pause here.

Maybe it’ll be just a week before I join you back…maybe months or maybe years or maybe I’ll never come back.

Bye….and yes, I’m sorry. Hate it, but can’t help it. Take care.

And I’m uploading one of my photographs which I bask like anything, it soothes me.

My house, My world.


  1. Punam J R · May 4, 2012

    You will be missed. Take care.
    Find yourself first and then do come back.

    • alphaqsecc · May 6, 2012

      I take that as a compliment.
      Thanks Punam 🙂

  2. Diana · May 4, 2012

    hey hi first,
    before you take the pause, let me tell you,
    it was through you, unknowingly, i got to know about this beautiful blog world,
    and later i met so many people around here, and still meeting!
    thanks for that!
    Good luck for your future! Bye! 🙂
    And do come back !

  3. umashankar · May 4, 2012

    You said it with a conviction that made me flinch.

  4. umashankar · May 4, 2012

    Where is my first comment?

    Your conviction about all good things compulsorily coming to an end made me flinch. It so easy to say goodbye!

    • alphaqsecc · May 6, 2012

      Actually your first comment went into spam.
      H’mm…I maybe wrong. Thats what I’ve learnt from my small, atrophied life.
      Take it from me sir, its tough, very tough to say goodbye!

  5. Kam · May 4, 2012

    You’ll surely find time for yourself, useful career path, and yourself. God bless you.

    • alphaqsecc · May 6, 2012

      Hope so Kam 🙂

      • sash · January 3, 2013

        hope things are going well with you. Take care and do let us know on what’s happening. Wish you a happy and useful new year.

      • alphaqsecc · January 3, 2013

        Everything in place. Happy new year 🙂

  6. Namita Lad · May 4, 2012 more friend going away…i’m feeling sad :(..i used to really look forward reading your posts..newys it’s a wise decision..n if u feel like u can netime start again..but ya you’ll surley be missed.
    “City of dreams”…is it Mumbai? then you are coming to my city..let me know
    it’s always pleasure to meet people behind words… 🙂

    • alphaqsecc · May 6, 2012

      Mumbai it is, undoubtedly.
      Sure… 🙂

      • Namita Lad · May 6, 2012

        welcome to My City…you’ll surely love it 🙂

  7. sharvani · May 5, 2012

    you are one over-thinking idiot 😛
    come back quick…

  8. Sanah · May 6, 2012

    Good luck Abhijit !
    I’ll miss reading your posts.

  9. alphaqsecc · May 6, 2012

    @Namita: I know…even I stay in Thane!!

  10. 12kilroy · May 14, 2012

    Love the photo.

    Take the time, but come back.

    • alphaqsecc · June 1, 2012

      Sure, Mr.Kilroy!

      • 12kilroy · January 4, 2013

        I’m find myself missing your blog. Hope all is going well.

      • alphaqsecc · January 6, 2013

        Everything is well Mr. Kilroy. I’m evolving as a writer and more importantly as a human. Enjoying this silence in my life. I promise to come back stronger and resilient 🙂

      • 12kilroy · January 6, 2013

        I look forward to it.

  11. randomlyabstract · May 16, 2012

    Gosh I just found your blog and I began to like it so much and you are taking a break…:/
    Do come back!

  12. zee · May 18, 2012

    Man had just started clicking your blog and u say it ends. But hope its a temporary time-out. And that you come back stronger and a more appealing. Bon Voyage and welcome in advance. 🙂 🙂

    • alphaqsecc · May 20, 2012

      Thank you!
      And I’m lovin’ this hiatus.

  13. Reema · May 28, 2012

    best wishes!! come back soon!

  14. nits · June 17, 2012

    saw your comment on my blog post and could not resist myself to see who this blogger is! read your post and i think you shouldn’t stop blogging…write for yourself but do publish it 🙂

    • sash · June 17, 2012

      Well said.

  15. Sanah · November 13, 2012

    I don’t know if you’ll read this, but A very Happy Diwali, Abhijit ! 🙂

    • alphaqsecc · November 13, 2012

      Hehe…WP account is connected to my mailbox.
      Happy Diwali to you too 😀

  16. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words · April 24, 2014

    I hope you are enjoying your Journey…
    something drew me here today so I thought I would say Hello…
    Take Care…You Matter….

    • alphaqsecc · April 30, 2014

      I’m enjoying my journey.
      One positive development is my foray into romantic poetry 🙂
      I’ll come back with greater winds I guess 🙂

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