My thirsty eyes.

The other day I was going through an editorial from a photography magazine. I came across a wonderful sentence which almost changed my approach towards this wonderful hobby.

“You will not….cannot…own a moment by simply capturing it”, said K Madhavan Pillai.

Then I realized I should feel, sense the subject before clicking it.

The stale paper foil, shaky hands and the blur spectacles frame expresses enough.

All humans are equal. But some are more equal than others.
(This picture is inspired and hence the caption)

The gallant stains speak 'bout its commitment.

Life resembles so much. Too many colours to see them clear.

An image is much much better than words, when it comes to peace.



I love photography, ’cause there are no dead-ends, no finish lines and no boundaries.

Still a long way to go....


Silent I'm, so only not looked after...


I'm rusted...yet I'm unbent.


Indian Palm squirrel flaunting marks of Rama's five fingers while building its dreys.


The miscible fusion of old and not so old....of exploited and not so exploited.


They come, They wait and then they go.
Unfortunate ones stay for long and for sure.


'Jadi tor daak shune keu naa aashe tabe ekla chalo re'
(If they answer not to thy call walk alone)


You don't need mundane things to grow. You just need the passion to fly high.

To Mr.12kilroy, with love!!

This post on human photography is dedicated to 12kilroy. He is my blog-o-friend. And must say, he is such an inspiration.

I’m influenced to click more and more.

All thanks to you 12kilroy 🙂 😀

(Click on the pictures for better view)

The return to freedom, oblivious to worldly affairs.

Swifter the hands,deeper are the furrows on face.

The entangled hands conveys tons 'bout this belittled earth.

"Aye, open your mouth and tell him your cost....For me, you are priceless. But for stomach....."

The last one is my favourite…very expressive picture, click on it to zoom 🙂

’cause my eyes click pictures.

A crossroad is an important phase in one's life...but sometimes the sun masquerades the colour on the signal causing accidents.


Eyes get belittled with time, Forehead becomes more prominent with age, But the heart's perceptiveness doesnt't diminish by an inch.

The wrinkles, worry lines and hollow lines tells us tons but the un-sagging face conveys the ‘break out rather than bend’ attitude.

Look, I ain't have any. Leave me alone atleast now.

The river gulps down the old sun thus reincarnating it to a young, juvenile source of truth.

I see nothing in broad daylight and it strains my eyes. And this benighted fire make me further more blind closing my eyes even more tightly.

The Self is the hub of the wheel of life, And the sixteen forms are only the spokes. The Self is the paramount goal of life. Attain this goal and go beyond death! - Prashna Upanishad

The blunt transition of devoid colours yet substantial utters life; changeover from optimism to flamboyancy to dying enthusiasm.

"Lighten me and I'll light you up and I'll live. Benight me and I'll be eaten up; O'God Let there be light"

Who can resolve this duality of life?? Roots are the same...the destination too is alike, just the path differs.

The more it gets crushed, the more sweetness we get; The more sweetness it loses, the more dry it becomes.

As if this pet lion of Chandela kings of Khajuraho is guarding Lord Neelkant's temple....

The pillars glisten as if the pillars of Jerusalem's Solomon is radiating light of secularism for the first time in Israel. (Original pic: Lord Mahadev temple,Nagpur )

Human Photography

A photograph is the best way to speak to an unspoken heart.

The higher you go, the smaller it it the world, ego...maya.

'And my life becomes much more meaningful...when my form dissolves with the FORMLESS'

The coziest place in the world is where you can be yourself.

How can I see so many colours which you can't see?? Are my eyes sore, maa ??

This plate gulps down my food showing me dreadful, ugly and hungry kids.

….’cause my eyes talk faster than my mind could see.

Of late, i’m a bit hooked to photography…Jodhpur evolved a photographer out of my small self.

This is my first true effort to capture some lovely moments with the pursuit to portray from an uncommon angle.

I’m a  rookie,so comments and suggestions are most welcome!

Jodhpur's morning sun wakes up from Pali and enlightens the mechanical clock-tower;giving light to colourful,busy, noisy and traditional bazaar.

Leading lines are firmly depicted on Jodhpur's 'too soon' sadak, which awaits company of a non judgmental traveler on its unfrequented path.

The city of late 14th century, fondly called as the 'blue city' 'cause the color gives an indigo aura to it with blue colored houses surrounding the Mehrangarh Fort.

This diabetic Rajputana cat is drinking water wide her eyes wide open...depth in the background adds to the beauty of this picture.

A gypsy enjoying local tea. The Image shows as if one amongst the four white rats from 'the Karni Mata's' temple of Deshnoke is illusioning to assimilate into his black counterparts.

This disquieted face conveys us a ton. Deepened eyes, yet un-stooped shoulders. Corrupt milieu, yet saintly body. Dark texture, yet beautiful and pure heart!

The creator articulates it with utmost precision. But who asks for the exploited ones??

Yeh Dilli hai meri jaan....Fog mires Delhi with temperature going to record lowest since last 77 years.

Colour me,still colour me........Even if I’m lost in the paradigm of this new world, forget me not to still colour me.

And finally our Swati di and Milind jiju....May lord shower you both with lots of love and happiness !