Even ‘she’ is someone’s daughter !!

“This time I need an unflowered one…yes, yes any amount”,his satyriasis spoke gagging the person at other end.

After few hours when he was ’bout to turn the nob of Room no. A-435, Hotel Ashoka ; he saw his own daughter nervously waiting inside, through the flying curtains.

Stunned. Bedazed. He deleted the contact named ‘dealer‘ from his cell permanently. Shattered.




Colour me, still colour me

Designed face and Natural face of a prostitute stood across divided by a mirror.

‘Oi…go away, your very presence admonishes the clients. Why don’t you eternally vaporize from my life? ’ cried the former.

Her natural eyes then centered a rough out-dated patch on the wall which was fading day by day even after glossing, as if trying to say something.


There are few people who come into your life. They play as protagonist and you support their role, but suddenly there is a void in your life and their starring role in your life comes to an abrupt end.

They certainly go but change the definition of that very word which matters to you the most…and that word is called ‘Love’.

Black and White

In reply he said, “This randomization is going to destroy me, us…the whole world lest bowing down. Corrupt milieu and colourful life masquerades everyone with just two colours: Black and White”.

And that ignorant blind girl doomed again in the melancholy thinking she’s more unfortunate being able to see just ‘Black’. Tears rolled down her eyes.