In her eyes…

Every time I look into those ocean eyes,
I feel as if I’ve lived a life;
Would stumble for days over your guise,
Till I discover the new you, each dying moment.

Those mascara clad idiosyncratic oculi,
are more than stars in the dourest moonlight.
‘would enlighten my benighted evening,
more than the brightest daylight of zing.

For those eyes, not for a moment, take cognisance,
of this blear, effete versifier.
He knows her sublime eyes, perhaps are dunce,
or fears they are snubbing insightful ones.

Still, he knows his ineffable muse would even make Leonardo da Vinci covetous,
as she elegantly comes through the invincible Mona Lisa.

I’d revel all my life gazing into those deep confidante eyes,
But for I know, unfeigned love better be set free,
and literal emotions never die for reciprocation.

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